Version two point oh oh

New look, new location. Welcome to version 2.0.0.

Today I am launching It is a complete platform replacement and redesign of, what for that last year was I didn't feel that the was working very well (still rocks for my email address) and a redesign was a good oppourtunity to change.

Platform. I have relaunched using ghost a Kickstart-ed node.js blog platform that kills. It's simple, restrictive and beautiful. It covers everything that I need in a blog: written in JavaScript, uses markdown for all copy has a sexy interface.

Design. I've made some pretty significant adjustments to get what you see now. First of all I've simplified everything. Two colours, three fonts, big content. I wanted to ensure that content was everything. Nothing else matters. I had the same outlook for the last design, but I've taken it even further. It's very much a work in progress (there isn't even a responsive implementation for anything yet) but I am already much happier than before.

Code. I've thrown out everything. I'm using SASS for my CSS pre-processor. It has a lot of momentum and, unfortunately for less, looks to be the way forward in the industry. I wanted some real experience using it. Realistically, it's not that different for common cases (swap @ for $ and it almost compiles one-to-one) so it's just as easy and useful to use when pared with an automated build system.

Speaking of build systems I am in the process of replacing grunt with gulp which, like SASS, is new and has a some forward momentum right now. I wanted to get some experience with it and I'm liking what I'm writing. It uses streams for moving data around. I would say upfront that it has a much less non-engineer friendly programing-heavy syntax, compared with grunt's configuration style. It's all written in node.js JavaScript again.

Content. My output has been... weak, at best, for most of 2013. I had a rough year where programming and work was concerned - I found it hard to be excited and to write. This year already I've moved to a new company in Perth and I'm excited about writing from my new day-to-day experiences.

With all of that said? Let's get back into writing words an code.