Twitter Bootstrap: installation and basics

I decided this morning to quickly get a few style issues sorted out. I've been meaning to look at a few CSS/HTML frameworks to get a feel for other's code so I decided to use Twitter Bootstrap on this site, at least initially.

Installation is easy: download the bootstap archive and drop the CSS and JS files where you need them. I've done that in my new express app in public/stylesheets/ and public/javascripts which could easily be added to my app layout.jade:

link(rel='stylesheet', href='stylesheets/bootstrap.min.css')

I also decided to fall back on the HTML5 Boilerplate and found a simple conversion from plain HTML to Jade which allowed me to get it up and running immediately.

With all that installed I started building my template inside layoute.jade (basic layout) as well as my route-specific templates. I've currently built the basic blocks for 4 pages and initial positioning for aside elements.

My current plans for the site:

  1. Build initial pages and allow for simple HTML markup.
  2. Build a database model system for storing a few simple pieces of content through my new CMS idea.
  3. Build a simple CMS which will allow me to edit all the content on the page, based on templates, without any need for models.