New Design for the New Year

Here we are, just in time for the new year with the launch of a new iteration.

Having some time off over the Christmas season I made it my task to rebuild this site from the ground up from a design point of view as well as actual build and finish the CMS functionality for managing content. I have done both! I am no longer held back by Twitter Bootstrap on the front end, and it is amazing how much more room I have to play with. I feel everything is very simple and clean, with big text and nice contrasting colours. It's all about the content and how easy I can make it to take in. There should be nothing to annoy or frustrate you. I've also taken care that it reads well on all devices and sizes, especially seeing as I don't remember the last time I read a blog on my laptop instead of my tablet.

From a back end point of view I've built a very simple RESTful framework for managing my Markdown written posts. Allowing me to write and edit posts on the go, I'm hoping this will help enable me to most more to the site in the future.

I have a few more tweaks to make and some cool features for integrating my social media feeds as well as some fancy JS to quickly load content while you're reading that I've wanted to play with for the last year. Overall it's a great start and an awesome way to finish 2012.