Happy Habsburgs

My current solo (but not really) project, which is made up of recordings done in the bedroom with a guitar and voice. Attempting to simplify everything I write and record and set limits to the amount of layers I use in hopes of writing songs that work, regardless of the complexity.

My Mad flow

My Mad Flow // jimmy damien beccy tyler lindsay

My Mad Flow is an indie five piece from Perth, Australia. With influences from the 60s to the punk attitudes of the 90s we’re writing music you can live to. Come drink some wine with us and listen to some music. We always have something to say about everyone and everything.

My Mad Flow // jimmy damien beccy tyler lindsay

LISTEN NOW: We Can't Always Pretend We're Innocent

Our first 6 track EP, We Can't Always Pretend We're Innocent, is available on iTunes or on Spotify and Rdio or alternatively you can stream the entire record on Soundcloud right now.

Our second record "You'll Find Meaning Where You Want It" will be released digitally in 2013. We've dropped a few tracks online on our Soundcloud so you can listen to those there.

LISTEN NOW: You Will Find Meaning Where You Want It


XOXO Album Artwork

LISTEN NOW: The Only Time I Remember, Is The One Time You Said No

My one and only electronic record was recorded in 2002. It was a way for me to experiment with building songs without the use of a single real instrument. I made heavy use of a digital Moog synthesizer and was really happy with the results. Nothing too dancy, nothing too happy.